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Overnight Therapy - Chapter Thirty-Seven

Title: Overnight Therapy

Author: LSM71059
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Lucas
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season Seven
Summary: Lucas North has someone to confide in and take care of him when the nightmares and bad flashbacks happen.
Disclaimer: All Spooks Characters are the intellectual property of the BBC.
The Inspiration for this story was taken from the song "South City Midnight Lady" by the Doobie Brothers
(Time Line for chapter: Just Prior to Episode 7.04)


Chapter Thirty-Seven

Lucas followed Lori’s progress down the hall out of the corner of his eye as he put on his coat. She slipped out of sight causing him to turn his head just in time to see her going in to the kitchen. Giving his head a little shake as a slight smile crossed his lips. What was it about her that always had him wanting to know her every movement? 

He made his way over to the kitchen doorway stopping to lean against it. He didn’t want to startle her but he could sense she knew he was there. She threw back a shot of some amber colour liquid in to her mouth. 

Lori turned to him asking, “Would you like one for the road?”

Lucas arched an eyebrow at her but nodded his consent. He watched her pour a double shot of vodka in to a glass that sat waiting on the counter and handed it to him. Her hand was shaking as she did. When he grazed her fingers with his, they were cold to the touch. Something was amiss but he didn’t know what. He said in a soothing voice, “Thank you, so have you decided to stay in then?”

“Oh no, just fortifying myself against the elements is all,” Lori answered as she picked up the bottle of Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon and poured herself another shot. She downed it as fast as she had the other one. She poured a third before closing up the bottle and putting it back in its place on the counter before pounding it back.

Lucas drank his vodka looking at her over the rim of the glass. He’d only known her a week but in that time he’d never seen her do straight shots. Lucas thought, “With the little she had for supper that is going to go straight to her head. I wonder what she’s like when inebriated.”

Lori rinsed out the shot glass and sat it in the sink. Lucas finished his drink and followed suit by rinsing his out and sitting in the sink. Lori turned to the refrigerator taking out a couple of bottles of water. Turning back towards Lucas she said, “So I take it you are ready to go then?”

“I am if you are,” Lucas replied backing out of the kitchen heading towards the living room. He picked up her coat and held it for her. Lori sat the water on the end table before sliding her arms in to the offered coat. She said, “Thank you kind Sir. 

“You are most welcome My Lady, Lucas said sliding her coat the rest of way on then giving her shoulders a slight squeeze.

“Then let’s make like a tree and leave,” Lori said with a chuckle while buttoning up her coat and tying the belt in to a loose knot. She reached for the waters before asking,”Keys?”

Lucas smiled at her attempt at humour He reached in to his pocket pulling out the Red Wings key chain jangling them in front of her saying, “Have them right here.”

Lori said, “Just checking. I’d hate to have to pick the lock when we got back,”

Lucas couldn’t quite tell if she was joking or serious about that skill set and thought it best to not pursue the topic at this time. But he filed the comment away in his compartmentalized brain for a later time just in case. Opening the door, he said, “Ladies first.”

Lori snapped off the lamp took a quick look around then said, “Thank you” as she went out the door.

Lucas clicked the lock as he pulled the door closed. He was about to offer Lori his arm when he looked over to find her standing at the foot the stairs that led up to the next floor. She said looking up, “Ever been to the roof of this place?”

“Can’t say that I have, why do you ask?” He said as he crossed the hall to join her.

“I’m curious what’s up there, thought I’d go take a peek,” Lori said as she headed up the stairs without looking back. Lucas had to smile. Once again she was making the mundane an adventure. He trailed after her a step or two behind. If one didn’t know she’d just had an after dinner drink and three shots of whiskey, you couldn’t tell in her walk or speech. He found that interesting.

She threw over her shoulder, “I think it was the Author Vladimir Nabokov who once said curiosity was the purest form of insubordination. Are you familiar with any of his works?”

Lucas thought a moment before replying, “I believe “Lolita” was his best known.”

“Lucas takes 20th Century Authors’ best known works for a thousand, Alex. Way to go,” Lori teased.

“Pardon?” Lucas asked genuinely perplexed by her statement.

She explained, “There is a game show over in the States called ”Jeopardy” hosted by Alex Trebek. The premise is there are different categories that he gives you the answers to and you give your response in the form of a question. It’s quite entertaining to watch plus you get the added benefit of extending your trivia knowledge.”

“That sounds like a game show worth watching then,” Lucas said giving her another half smile.

Lori smiled back asking, “Not one for game shows then?”

“Not really,” Lucas answered honestly.

They had climbed two sets of stairs reaching the door to the roof. Lori put her hand out to open it at the same time Lucas did. His hand covered hers and he squeezed lightly before helping her to turn the latch. It opened surprisingly easy. He released her hand and pushed the door open. She stepped out on to the roof doing a 360 degree turn ending up face to face Lucas. He had taken the opportunity to kick a piece of wood that had been laying off to the side in the door jam to hold the door open so they wouldn’t get locked on the roof while she was turning. What they found was the remnants of a rooftop garden that had been winterized along with a full set of cushioned lawn furniture that included a two person swing with a canopy on top. 

She said, “How delightful, it would appear someone did a very nice job of tending to their rooftop garden. I wonder if it belonged to the person who moved out today.”

Lucas said, “That would be a good assumption seeing how she had been the only resident in the building when I moved in.”

“Really? Then that means she either left it behind or will be coming back for it later. Either way, I say instead of us strolling to the park, we utilize this lovely setting,” Lori said already making her way over to the corner with the furniture. 

“I concur,” Lucas answered knowing she would head directly for the swing. She didn’t disappoint. He took a moment to walk around the perimeter taking in the view before joining her. It was lovely and very peaceful looking at the city from this vantage point.

By the time he arrived at the swing, Lori was swaying slowly back and forth with her head slightly bowed looking down on to the floor of the roof and arms wrapped around her waist. The bottles of water set on the table beside the swing. She looked to be either cold or deep in thought or both. Lucas sat down pulling her against him and drawing her in close. He asked, “Cold?”

“A little,” Lori said turning slightly to smile up at him as she tucked her legs up under and snuggled in even closer to him.

“I could go down and get your quilt for you,” Lucas offered but not really wanting to move at the moment. He was enjoying having her so close.

 “Perhaps a little later, I’m good for now. You are kind to offer though,” Lori said.

“Just let me know,” Lucas said as he tightened his hold on her a little more. Then covered her hands that were resting on his arms to warm them up, he was surprised how much colder they were than earlier in the kitchen. He slowly swung them back and forth. He could feel her hands warm up as they absorbed the heat from his hands.

As they sat there in their companionable silence, Lucas was thinking how pleasant and relaxing it was to have Lori leaning up against him with his arms wrapped around her. And how lucky he was to be spending time with someone who was content to sit quietly, take pleasure in soaking up the atmosphere and not make incessant small talk. He felt like of all the people he knew, she was the only one who seemed to understand him. He could be completely himself without any façade necessary. Had it really only been a week since they first met? It felt like he’d known her forever. Perhaps he had in another lifetime.

Looking down and seeing her eyes closed, Lucas thought perhaps Lori had almost fallen asleep but she shifted in the seat beside him stretching out her legs out to the side. And as usual the knees popped. With a sound that loud, it had to hurt when she moved.  He asked, “Is that as painful as it sounds?”

She gave him a wry smile shrugging it off saying, “I don’t really think about it. It’s nothing I haven’t lived with for many years. I just need to remember to not stay in one position for too long. Sorry if it bothers you.

Remembering vividly how the cold would seep in to his bones on those long wintry nights in Russia, Lucas figured it was doing the same to Lori. He shook his head and admonished, “No, it doesn’t bother me but what am I going to do with you? What can I do to help make the pain go away? We should go get you warmed up or at the very least I should go get your quilt so you can cover up.”

Sitting up straight, turning out his embrace, and giving his arm a playful swat, Lori grinned broadly and replied, “Damn it Lucas, what did I tell you about asking me those kind of open ended questions? You could be in real trouble, really embarrassed or really put off if I told you about the list of what you are going to with me to get me warmed up that flashed through my warped mind just now.”

Her grin was infectious. Lucas gave her one of his very rare full face grins as he pulled her back in to his embrace. The endless possibilities of where her mind had gone flashed through his head. He said, “Alright you little minx, I think that should be for me to decide. I am not embarrassed or put off easily. And as for trouble, well let’s just say I have been trained to handle myself in those types of situations. Always before you have managed to find a way to deflect telling me what you were really thinking. But not this time, I have you in my clutches and won’t let go till you do.”

Lori replaced her hands over the top of his arms. She said, “Hmmmm, now there’s a dilemma.”

Knowing in all likelihood he would not get a straight answer, Lucas asked anyway, “What dilemma?”

“Well, it’s threefold, first being your clutches is more how do I want to put this, more a treat than a punishment. So second, if I told you, you’d let me go, not such a good prospect in my book. Which brings me to the third part, however, if I did tell you then perhaps………”

And she trailed off finishing with a sigh which he couldn’t tell was a contented one or one of wishful thinking. This exacerbated the situation even more. Lucas was both amazed and aggravated she had managed once again to find a way out of not telling him outright what he wanted to know but left it open to interpretation. He decided to ask,  “Perhaps, what? Elaborate please.”

“Don’t mind me Lucas, I’m just feeling my after dinner drinks. I think they went straight to my head when I guzzled them down. You know how there different categories of drunks. The main ones are the loud one, the quiet one, the mean one, the silly one, the happy one, the sad one, the talkative one and the flirty one. I fall in to the last two categories. So, I should apologize for my inappropriate innuendos. But it is hard not to throw them out there when sitting in the arms of such a warm, charming, attractive, sexy gentleman like you. Did I mention gorgeous?” Lori said rambling and sounding contrite, then just as sudden stopping and looking down with her cheeks blushing.

Lucas smiled over the top of her head. He found her to be somewhat reserved even in her inebriated state. It was excellent to hear all those wonderful adjectives regarding him come out of her. She was so good for his male ego. He thought, “I wonder if Lori is truly capable of totally letting loose. She always stops herself when she is on the brink.” Aloud he said as he put his hand under her chin lifting her face up to meet his, “You didn’t say or imply anything I find offensive or embarrassing. In fact, I quite liked your vocabulary when it came to describing me. You, My Dear, have quite the way of stroking my ego. And for that, I thank you.”

Lori mumbled as she turned out of his hand looking off to the side, “You’re welcome.” Then she turned back to him quietly saying, “It just all kinda came spilling out and I couldn’t seem to stop myself. There’s some kind of chemical reaction that kicks in every time I’m around you.”

Lucas knew exactly how she felt about the chemical reaction. No longer able to hold back his male instinct, he bent down giving her the kiss on the lips he’d been longing to all evening. He didn’t want to scare her off with the all the passion that had slowly building in him all week. So it began soft and gentle with all the tenderness he felt for her, his lips brushing ever so slightly against hers. He thought perhaps she would turn away from it but she didn’t. So he increased the pressure to a proper level. Although it was tentative, he felt her responding before she broke it off looking down with a sigh and a shiver.

She whispered, “Thank you that was lovely.”

Lucas found it very endearing she would express her appreciation for such a small gesture. He had noted the shiver and inquired, “Is it too cold for you out here? Shall we go in?”

Lori looked up at him with a small smile before responding, “I am a bit chilled, perhaps we should. I can make us a cup of hot chocolate or would you prefer tea?”

Knowing the intimate moment had passed and would in all likelihood not continue at this time, Lucas stood up offering his hand saying, “I haven’t had a cup of hot chocolate in years. That sounds delicious.”

She took his hand standing up slowly. Lucas wrapped her hand around his arm escorting her over to the door. Before opening it he said, “Next time we come up, I’ll be sure to bring a blanket for you to cover up with.”

“You are very kind Lucas,” Lori said as she patted his arm with her hand.

He opened the door letting her go through first before kicking the piece of the wood out of the way. Shutting the door firmly behind him, Lucas quickly caught up to Lori who had already descended halfway down the first flight of stairs. He came along side her and picked her hand up putting it back in the crook of his arm. He teased, “See how you are, give a man a kiss and then try to run away. Well, now I’ve caught you and there’s a price to be paid.”

Lori sassed, “So now you know, I’m a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind. And do tell what would that price be?”

Lucas was satisfied she seemed to have worked her way back to her witty self.   He gave her a cryptic answer, “I believe you shall have to wait to find out what the price is, but be assured you will pay it.”

“Are you threatening me, Mr. North? I assure you I pay my debts,” Lori said in what Lucas was assured a mock horror tone.

“Consider it more a promise than a threat, Ms. Montgomery,” He answered smoothly as they arrived at the door to #2. He took out the keys, unlocked the door and opened it wide to let her in.

She rolled her eyes at him but smiled as she entered taking off her coat and said, “Very well, Mr. North, I’ve never backed down from a challenge in my life and am not about to start now.”

Lucas came in closing the door behind him before taking off his coat. He said, “Good to know.”

Lori threw her coat on the chair closest to the door before heading down the hall and turning into the bathroom.   

Lucas dropped his own coat before going to the kitchen to wash his hands. Turning on the tap, he saw the glasses they had drank from earlier and wondered what had been the cause of her feeling the need to throw back three shots in a row. He had to smile at her ability to do so without having the appearance of being relaxed but not the least bit inebriated. Finished washing, he dried his hands on the tea towel and hung it back in its place. Lori came in to the kitchen as he finished. She gave him a pat on the back as she made his way over to the fridge taking out the milk. He leaned against the countertop watching as she started to make the hot chocolate. He asked casually, “So about your Navy days, would now be a good time to hear about them?”

Lori drew a deep breath before starting to speak, “You already know how I got started flying, so I guess I should fill you in how I ended up in the Navy instead of the Air Force. I don’t know how detailed the security check was that you ran but I one of things that might not have been on there was I excelled at my studies in school and went through at an accelerated rate. I finished high school when I was fourteen and had my Masters from Notre Dame University by the time I was seventeen.”

She paused just long enough to stir the chocolate syrup in to the milk, Lucas nodded and wondering about the choice of Notre Dame, He asked, “Are you Catholic?”

Lori answered, “Nope, are you?”

“I was raised Methodist,” Lucas said not really caring to elaborate what his current religious beliefs were or lack there of. So instead, he asked her, “Why Notre Dame then?”

Lori continued on with her explanation, “Uncle Max had a lot of influence with my choosing to go Navy. He’d regale me with stories of his Navy flying adventures while giving me my lessons. Plus, he had several of his buddies which were very high up the ladder come watch me fly. They were impressed enough that I got a full ride scholarship to Notre Dame to be in their ROTC program. Which is where I was planning to go anyway so it all worked out for the best. You aren’t allowed to actively join any branch of the Armed Forces until age eighteen. But there is this loophole that allows for certain exceptions to be in ROTC which stands for Reserve Office Training Corp. Since you are technically still in school the age rule doesn’t count.”

Lucas noticed the wistful look on her face as she finished her last sentence. He made the assumption she was having a memory of her University days that she’d just as soon forget. It probably had to do with her being so much younger than the rest of her classmates. To help move past the memory even though he knew the answer, he asked, “How much of a gap was there between finishing University and going to the Naval Flight training?”

“Only a couple of months, I graduated in May, turned eighteen in July and reported to training the beginning of August. By the time I entered training, Uncle Max had help me to have my pilot’s qualifications to fly anything up to a Leer Jet. So I was already at an advantage over most my fellow classmates.”

Lucas was impressed that she had accomplished so much in such a short amount of time but more so at how modest she was about it. He already knew she deflected away from any kind of praise and/or for taking full credit for her accomplishments and preferred to give the others the accolades. But he really wanted to know why she did it. He was about to ask her why when she said, “Would you get the mugs out for me?”

He nodded and reached up in to the cabinet producing the two mugs requested. She poured the steaming hot chocolate in to the mugs and asked, “Do you prefer your hot chocolate plain, with marshmallows, whipped cream on top or both?”

“Whipped cream please,” Lucas said.

She got the can of Redi-Whip out of the fridge and shook it. Getting an ornery look on her face, Lori took the can and sprayed directly in to her mouth. She looked just like a cat who had a bowl of cream. She swallowed and asked, “Would you like some?”

“I’ll wait till it’s on my chocolate, thanks,” Lucas answered.

“Spoiled Sport, but ok this time. You do know there are lots more fun uses for this stuff then just on food.” She said teasingly as she sprayed a mound on top of each mug. 

 “And I’m sure you will enlighten me to those uses,” Lucas said teasing back.

Lori got out a couple of spoons and napkins before picking up her mug and heading out to the dining table with them in her hand, she called over her shoulder once again trailing off before she finished her sentence, “I might and then again..........”

Lucas picked up his mug and followed once again shaking his head. She was a piece of work but he was delighted and quite entertained by her.



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Jul. 19th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Wow, I came home from managing my son's 3-day city-wide swim meet hoping for a new chapter, and this didn't disappoint! You're the true minx, leaving us hanging on the edge of the Redi-Whip dispenser!!! Man, Lori really was a prodigy, can't wait to learn her entire story...so then she can get on with more kissing! Very nice tender scene, BTW. Thanks!
Jul. 19th, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
So glad I could be of service Bunkie. Thank you for your kind comments.
Jul. 20th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC)
This chapter was really lovley! I want to be in the arms of Lucas too!
And, both Lucas & chocolate, the perfect match for my taste! *giggle*
Looking forward for the next chapters!
Maybe more kissing.... or something else they pleasure...? *wink*
Still can't belive they kissed! YES! They are so wonderful together. Great job!
Jul. 20th, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
You are welcome. Thanks for your comments.
Jul. 21st, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
Oh GOD! I just can't believe I missed this! I had a bunch of updates here and it was completely hidden. Then I bumped into DF and somehow I managed to see you have an update LOL! And came running (virtually running, like kicking my own butt with my heels if it was needed to read this properly) To read my Lucas and Lori in the right place.

But not only an update but THE UPDATE, LADY! A KISS AT LAST!
Well, let's not get overexcited and let's make things right. You know I once told you I used to take off my shoes as soon as I get home just like Lori? So that's the end of our resemblance. She's got so many skills and talents. A pilot and marine or sort of, a great psicologist,... and Plus she had an amazing wardrobe.

And that little garden on the roof was the most beautiful idea and such a place to give/receive a very first kiss.
**“Damn it Lucas, what did I tell you about asking me those kind of open ended questions?** I agree with the lady here. That and doublemeaning. Warming is not a good word when you had a hottie holding you and your mind is completely in the gutter, no matter how gentlemanly he behaves.

**But it is hard not to throw them out there when sitting in the arms of such a warm, charming, attractive, sexy gentleman like you. Did I mention gorgeous?"** There you gooooooo, girl. At last some honest words about his sexyness. Lori (the writer), I think you have used every possible word that fits with that chocolate pie that Lucas is. But be my guest and feel free to find some other more. I would be very pleased to read it.

**In fact, I quite liked your vocabulary when it came to describing me. You, My Dear, have quite the way of stroking my ego. And for that, I thank you.”** Oh, darling Mr. North if you only knew how women sigh the very moment you walk by.

** There’s some kind of chemical reaction that kicks in every time I’m around you.”** You and me both, honey.

And I love the KISS! Nothing too rushy but a sweet gentle brush at first and a bit of passion but not too much and I also like both of their reactions. They already know it was something important but they treated it so fine not like it meant everything but not like it meant nothing either. Just the natural step on this upscaling flirting they've been playing so far. And I would dare to say "Thank you. That was lovely" was too little iin words but too much in meaning coming from Lori.

And then cherry on top to this romantic-garden-on-the-roof-hold-you-in-my-arms-and-finally-kiss-you chapter, CHOCOLATE!!! YAY!!! I bet they have some other ways to get warmed but Chocolate must do the trick for now.

Need to say I'm eager and impatiiently waiting for the next one? That I'm gonna make sure I didn't miss the next one? I don't really think anything more "romantic" would happen in the next one, though. They are handling this with care and need to process the kiss before go through the next level or even give way and voice to their feelings. Am I right?

Thanks THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for this chapter. It was lovely.


Jul. 21st, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
My Dear,

I was beginning to worry about you. Here I had finallly posted on Saturday and given you "The Kiss" and then heard nothing for three llloooooooonnnnnggggg days. But after your lovely review, all is forgiven. LOL

Lori is a Naval Aviator not a Marine which means in layman's terms she is a pilot of the Navy. Don't you be lumping her in with Eric's bunch, LOL.

I'd hoped you would like the rooftop garden. You don't how I agonized over where to have their first kiss. I must have written ten drafts of where and when. I figured a week of knowing each other was long enough. Besides, I didn't want you to have a total meltdown over the lack of no kiss again. :P

That chemical reaction is going to fully combust eventually (inserts all kinds of interesting thoughts there).

Yep, you can't beat hot chocolate with whipped cream on top when you need warmed up without getting "warmed up."

I'm working on the Lori perspective of the same events and will try (if RL quits getting in the way) to have it up at least by Saturday.

Jul. 21st, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)
I had a busy pair of weeks. As I told you, my nephew was born on July, 10th and till then it's been a roller-coaster ride of diapers, drooling over him and some work nightmares so little time for little treats.

More that a review it was like an essay. I'm way over what we can consider a comment but.... It's "THE KISS". No way I was just saying: Nice chapter. Thank you. Me? Four words? Nop, not me.

I'm not that into the Army so forgive my lack of knowledge. I believe if Eric's into the Marines, it can't be that bad, right?

I would melt down anyway cause of the hot weather here (Yeah, I know, thinking about Lucas or any Armitage only make it worse but how do you say NO to a man like him?)
If you give my thoughts carte blanche over chemical reactions I may combust myself in my very seat.
*No, I'm not having lusty thoughts about chocolate, nop, not me anyway* Just so you know I'm having a chocolate ice-cream right now.. :P

I believe this is one of the chapters that the more perspectives we have, the better. LOL! Perhaps you should interview the chocolate cup just in case for gathering the required information. :p

I know I look impatient and God knows I am, but keep it easy, girl. Dont want you to have a nervous breakdown and leave us in the cliffhanger forever LOL!

See you on Saturday, then? I will be the most elegant of readers since I'm attending to wedding *giggle*
Jul. 21st, 2009 06:28 pm (UTC)
There I go again! An essay! How did I do that? It's beyond me.
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Please, keep it up, you do so brighten up my dreary life with your essays!!!!
Jul. 21st, 2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
How wonderful of your nephew to wait to be born on my birthday. I don't mind sharing at all!!!!!

I would have been severely disappointed had you not been your most eloquent self in your essay. Keep 'em coming, girl!!

Excellent! I now have an elegant reader!!! I better class up the place then...Cheers!!!!

Jul. 23rd, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC)
Wow...what to say!! I see you get such great reviews I dont think I can come close. lol
Just loved the roof top scene. Man, its just wild when you can read a sentence where Lucas says something and i can actually hear his voice saying it in my ear. It nearly gives me chills! I dont know how she can tease him the way she does and not need some seriously cold showers afterward! And then the kiss...*sigh* so sweet, soft, meaningful and full of promise. I hope you have more coming soon! I'll make sure I can get to a computer while I'm out of town! I must keep up to date!
Jul. 23rd, 2009 04:49 pm (UTC)
All reviews are very welcome! And yours no exception.

Happy to know you liked the rooftop scene. I really agonized over it.

Hope to post her point of view on these events over the weekend.
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