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Overnight Therapy - Chapter Twenty-Four

Title: Overnight Therapy

Author: LSM71059
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Lucas
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season Seven
Summary: Lucas North has someone to confide in and take care of him when the nightmares and bad flashbacks happen.
Disclaimer: All Spooks Characters are the intellectual property of the BBC.
The Inspiration for this story was taken from the song "South City Midnight Lady" by the Doobie Brothers
(Time Line for chapter: Between Episodes 7.03 & 7.04)


Chapter Twenty-Four

As he watched Wes Carter gracefully run the pitch, Harry thought how much he moved like his father. 

The day he had come to deliver the news to him of Adam’s death, Wes had been very stoic as a single tear had slid down his cheek. Harry did his best to console him but he knew the boy being Adam Carter’s son would have none of it. When asked what Harry could do for him, Wes had only one request at the time. It was that Harry stand in for his father at the rugby matches watching Wes play. So here he was as he had been on every Saturday morning since, fulfilling that request.

As he watched the match, his thoughts were elsewhere. Harry was mulling over what he thought of Samantha Smith. The description he had landed on and felt best fit her was brilliant, unpredictable and infuriatingly likable. She had shaken him to his very core on their initial face to face meeting last night. She was such a contradiction to what he had expected her to be. Through their initial phone conversations he had already formed a different opinion of her being a hard nosed, pain in the ass, smart mouthed wench which he would have to tolerate for the sake of Lucas’ recovery.

His thoughts turned to when they first met by the elevator and the most gorgeous striking set of brown eyes he’d ever seen that had seemed to peer in to his very soul. They were so focused and intense he had had to look away. Harry felt like he had been weighed, measured and been found wanting before she ever spoke to him. And then when she simply said his name as she shook his hand and slipped him her business card, a shiver ran up his spine. This woman had such a commanding presence without being overbearing or obnoxious. The handshake and been warm, firm and confident. He’d been reluctant to drop it but of course decorum dictated so he did.

As Lucas had briefed him of the afternoon’s activities, Harry could feel her still assessing him but he tried to give the appearance of giving his attention to Lucas. A thought struck Harry that he could possibly delay Ms. Smith’s departure and have the opportunity to spend a bit more time getting to reassess his thinking of her. So he had suggested the possibility of his own tour and review. And as luck would have it, she had acquiesced to the request. Lucas seemed to be his old self while she was around. As they watched her retreat down the hall to take a phone call, Harry noted that the formal all business stiffness in Lucas instantly returned.

Harry had subtlety tried to find out how Lucas was getting on with Ms. Smith, but of course Lucas had given him an all business answer. But it was so apparent by his relaxed demeanor when she was near, he was getting on well with her and she was already having a positive affect on him. When Lucas had his own phone call from Ben, Harry took the opportunity to get Ms. Smith off by herself.

But within minutes of taking a seat in her inner sanctum, he was almost regretting haven taken the opportunity. She’d managed to make him feel like a naughty school boy who had been called to the Head Mistress’s office. Harry’s emotions ranged from

·        Put at ease by her cool, calm demeanor as they went to her office suite

·        intrigued by her initial question how he would feel about constantly being watched and then in an instant

·        blindsided by her question concerning Lucas’ surveillance continuing after he had specifically made a point of ordering it being discontinued before her arrival

·        utter amazement at her having identified his entire surveillance team so quickly

·        admiration for her skill set and her directness speaking of the subject

·        but defensive over her calling out Ros regarding who was responsible for the surveillance continuing and wondering why she had chosen Ros above the rest of team to focus on

·        concerned she would disappear without a trace due to the surveillance having continued after her arrival

·        And finally after having him backed in to a corner, grateful for her not forcing his hand but having the grace to back off and let him decide how and when he would deal with the situation at hand

·        enjoying her company and easy manner of trying to smooth things over with him

·        amused at how she had handled his asking about her unique versatile manner

·        delighted by her genuine smile

·        impressed the way she didn’t betray a confidence but still answered his question in relation to Donovan

·        respectful of her getting them back on track to subject of why she was here in the first place

·        pleased she had suggested calling him instead him having to ask she do so

·        relieved at having been given some time alone to sort out why his second in command had for all intense purposes openly defied him

·        and finally beholding to Donovan for having sent him this most infuriating enchanting insightful creature who really was all Donovan had said she would be and more with the most disconcerting pair of gorgeous brown eyes that could see right through a person in to their very being

It wasn’t often Harry was blindsided due to an action by one of his team members, but when it did he was the type to deal with the situation immediately and not let it get out of hand. So he had pulled out his mobile to ring Ros. After finishing the call, he had sat for a moment collecting himself before the knock had come on the office door.

He watched with great interest the interaction between Lucas and Ms. Smith, or should he say Samantha. While they had been in the lift, a smile formed on the corner of his mouth as he caught her out of the corner of his eye being mischievous behind his back. The two standing behind him were such at ease with each other.

Harry’s mind wasn’t focused on the renovation at all. Several times, he’d had to shake himself mentally to focus on what had been said to him. When they had finished the walk through, Harry was once again struck by those brown eyes of hers as she looked straight in to his while shaking his hand goodbye. He watched the pair of them retreat down the hall before going in to his own office.

Harry was very concerned Ros had compromised his goal of helping Lucas make his return easier. If Ms. Smith really did leave, he would be very remorseful. He wasn’t sure why, but after meeting her in person, he really did have a fondness for her. Perhaps he should consult Donovan on how to proceed. But being the proud man he was, he didn’t want to have admit he needed a little guidance on how to handle her. So instead he returned all of the calls he had missed while being gone for the afternoon and tried to make a dent in the mountain of paperwork on his desk.

As 10:30 p.m. approached he had put his pride aside and called Donovan. He grimaced a bit as he dialed knowing Donovan would not be able to resist teasing him. For the second time in one evening, Harry had been taken by surprise but this time it was in a totally positive way. Donovan had not teased him but he gave him great insight to Samantha by telling him the story of how they had come to be associated with each other. Harry’s esteem of her grew by leaps and bounds as the details were revealed to him. Donovan told him though he shouldn’t mention any of her heroics to Sam as she didn’t consider what had been to be anything special and it was done in the line of duty.

Donovan said he wasn’t surprised she had managed to win Harry over because when it came to her, it seemed a person either absolutely adored her or couldn’t abide her. There was no in between. But he was pleased Harry was in the former. 

Donovan said not to be concerned about her disappearing over the surveillance because it didn’t take place in the flat nor was it directed at her. He told Harry that when Samantha did report to him not to be surprised that she wouldn’t be sharing specifics of what Lucas and she talked about. That was a confidence she would never break. She would only share what her impressions were of how Lucas was fairing getting back in to everyday life. And it was best not press her on any one subject because as Donovan had first hand experience at, she would become totally unresponsive and shut down completely.   Harry should take what she was willing to share and be satisfied with it. 

Harry had wanted discuss those eyes of hers with Donovan but thought perhaps that was getting a bit too intimate. Instead he hung up the phone an hour later feeling better but he wouldn’t completely relax till Samantha called him the next day to confirm she hadn’t bolted. Until then, he knew it would be a sleepless night. One filled with worry and dread that he’d never see nor hear from Miss Samantha Smith again in this lifetime.

A big cheer on the field brought Harry out of his reverie. Wes was running towards him jumping up and down. He had scored the match winning try and was in high spirits. Harry smiled broadly congratulating him with a pat on the back. They walked back to Wes’ dormitory together chatting about nothing of consequence. As he dropped him at his door, Wes couldn’t help but give Harry a hug and told him how much it meant to him that he would take time out of his Saturday to come watch him play. Harry assured him it was his pleasure and he’d see him again next weekend. In the meantime, should he need anything or want to have a chat, he knew how to reach him.

Harry took his leave of Wes and made his way to his back to London. Half way through the drive back his mobile rang. He held his breath as he picked it and looked at the caller i.d.   He let it out slowly and answered, “Harry Pearce.”




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May. 6th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
Absolutely loving this intelligent, sensitive story.

Just a small thing in the penultimate para. Since it is rugby perhaps "match winning try" would be better than "game winning goal".
May. 6th, 2009 01:31 pm (UTC)
I'm so pleased to know you are loving it.

Thanks for the rugby info, can you tell I know nothing at all about it?
May. 6th, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
Ooh, you tricky girl! Where's this going then? Harry in a muddle over Sam...love it & the plot possibilities!
He'd better watch out, Lucas will snap!
May. 6th, 2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
Well, you know I like to keep you in a quandry so you will keep reading.
May. 6th, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
And we still don't know what Sam thinks about Harry! Looking forward to the next bit :)
May. 6th, 2009 09:38 pm (UTC)
Love your icon! That is soooo hot!

Well, maybe Lori can help Sam in what she thinks about him ;)

Thanks, I'll try to crank it out soon.
May. 10th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
Almost a week to finally read this. RL can be so annoying sometimes. Sorry for the delay but so much to deal with and no fun allowed.

So cold Harry has crush on our little lady or what? Too much thinking about her beautiful brown eyes and all that stuff.
I don't have the least idea where you are leading us but... I'm with you all the way.
Late and brief but sure with you.
Thanks for a lovely chapter that shows us Harry is not made of steel though he may seem to.
Laura xxxx

P.S. Hard choice between Harry and Lucas? A clue: NO! and I chose Lucas btw, just in case you doubt it! LOL!!!
May. 10th, 2009 11:58 pm (UTC)
Hopefully it will ease up for you soon!

I appreciate you staying with me. It will be a journey that's for sure. I really wanted to soften Harry up a bit because he always is shown as being so stoic.

Ok, Sherriff, I get your drift, LOL
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