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Overnight Therapy - Chapter Twenty-Six

Title: Overnight Therapy

Author: LSM71059
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Lucas
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season Seven
Summary: Lucas North has someone to confide in and take care of him when the nightmares and bad flashbacks happen.
Disclaimer: All Spooks Characters are the intellectual property of the BBC.
The Inspiration for this story was taken from the song "South City Midnight Lady" by the Doobie Brothers
(Time Line for chapter: Between Episodes 7.03 & 7.04)


Chapter Twenty-Six

As he made his way to Thames House, Lucas reflected had it really only been a little over a month since his return to England? With everything that had occurred since then, it seemed so much longer. 

He felt his façade of adapting back had held up quite well. Being able to be back on The Grid working had been both a blessing and a curse. But even that seemed to be getting better with the surveillance teams seeming to have finished their assignment of monitoring him. Now, his next hurdle was getting Ros Myers to ease up on him and come to the realization he wasn’t the enemy. That was a mountain yet to be climbed. He didn’t think she ever just let go and relax around him because she just didn’t do that with anyone.

And then there was the matter of his neighbor across the hall. Although their association had only started the beginning of this week, she made him feel like he had known her always. Lucas could not recall anyone who completely made him so at ease so quickly in his entire lifetime. Reaching the front entrance, he paused to steel himself as he always did by taking a deep breath before entering and smiled slightly at the memory of seeing Lori do the exact same thing less than twenty-four hours ago. He thought, “There are so many similarities in the way we do things.”

Being the weekend, the ride up to The Grid took no time at all. Stepping out of the lift, Lucas schooled his face in to a blank mask and scanned the perimeter to find only Ros sitting at her desk intent on looking at something on her computer monitor.

She didn’t even bother to look up as he made his way over to his desk. He slipped off his coat hanging it on the back of his chair and took a seat. Being polite, Lucas said, “Good Morning Ros.”

As he waited for Ros to reply, Lucas fired up his own computer. He thought, “I wonder if she realizes that her little power play tactics don’t work on me and she is wasting her time by trying. It just makes her come off as being insufferably rude by not acknowledging my greeting. I don’t blame Lori for having a less than favorable opinion of her.”

Ros did her usual routine of counting to 100 before acknowledging Lucas. It made her feel superior to keep others waiting. She said, “Lucas, thank you for coming in on such short notice.”

Lucas said, “You are welcome. How can I be of service to you?”

“I wanted to review next week’s upcoming operations to be sure you are up to speed with the entire team’s activities,” Ros said.

What a flimsy excuse for calling me in today. She’s knows full well we reviewed everything in the weekly meeting yesterday. What’s her real motive?” Lucas wondered. He said, “Where would you like to start?”

I’d like to start by grilling you on all of your activities away from here. I know you are up to something. It was too convenient the way you handed Kachimov over to us. No one is that good, not even me. I am going to be the one to find out what you are up to.   Harry avenged Adam’s death by killing Kachimov, and I will avenge it by bringing you down,” Ros thought. She said, “Let’s start with your operation.”

They spent the next hour reviewing the information that had all been covered in yesterday’s meeting. Lucas feigned interest but his mind was on other matters like what his delightful neighbor was doing while he was being bored to death by Ros. Lucas had gotten up to fetch a cup of tea while Ros took a phone call when he received one of his own. Feeling it vibrate, Lucas removed his mobile from his pocket to check the caller id. He couldn’t help but give a half smile at her excellent timing when he saw who it was and answered on the third ring, “Good Morning, Miss Smith.”

“Good Morning Mr. North, and please it’s Sam,” Lori answered. He liked how she knew to play along with him and keep it all business at the moment. “I told you I would let you know as soon as I knew who my assistant was going to be on your project. I received confirmation this morning that it will be Nicholas Gianellie. He has the necessary level of security you require. I won’t be needing access for him till Wednesday. I hope that is enough time for you,” Lori said. He noted the all business tone of her voice and wished it would go back to being the engaging one she used when they were alone.

“Yes, thank you, that should be ample time for us to make the necessary arrangements,” Lucas answered just as business like walking back to his desk to jot down the name of Lori’s assistant and set down his cup of tea. Then he walked down the hall to her office suite so it would be possible to have a private word with her. He let himself in to the reception area and closed the door before continuing to speak. He said softening his tone, “So, what are you up to?”

He noted the softening of her voice too once again following his lead as she said, “I know you won’t believe me, but I am actually doing as you wished and am stretched out on my bed resting while I return phone calls.”

Lucas was pleased she was doing as he asked. He pictured her stretched out on the bed and smiled wishing he could join her. And since she was resting, he decided that he would pick up something for them to eat on the way back to the flat. He said lightly, “And I appreciate you acquiescing to my wishes. It looks like I should be able to leave here no later than Noon. Anything in particular sound good for me to pick up for lunch? And no, you are not to get up from the bed to cook, do I make myself understood?”

“Yes, Mr. North, crystal clear,” Lori laughed. “You know though it is not necessary to provide me with lunch. I can fend for myself.”

“Humor me, I owe you more than one meal,” He said in a gentle but firm voice that would not take no for an answer. He was enjoying the sound of her laughter. He was determined to try to pay back in part the many meals she had provided him with this week.

She asked, “Is there perhaps a Chinese place between here and there?”

There is, good choice,” Lucas said. It didn’t surprise him she had managed to choose a food he was fond of. Feeling a bit cheeky, he remembered the last time and couldn’t resist phrasing his next question open ended to get her reaction. He asked, “What would be your pleasure Lori?”

“Didn’t I warn you about asking me those kinds of open ended questions Mr. North?” Lori teased.

Expecting she’d turn it back on him, he teased right back, “You did, and I would be very interested to hear your response to such a question.”

“Right then, ok, well, in this instance my pleasure would be sesame chicken with white rice and an order of crab rangoon,” Lori said.

Lucas chuckled at her answer. He could feel her blushing right through the phone. He took a bit of perverse pleasure in making her a bit flustered.  He thought to himself, “Some day soon perhaps she’ll finish what she is always starting and give me an answer to what her true
pleasure is.”
But not wanting to make her too uncomfortable he said aloud, “I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you. I’ll ring right before I leave here. And thank you for the information on your assistant. So you were right, it is a man.”

That chuckle of hers was an appealing sound to his ears. He had a feeling she thought perhaps he was a bit jealous that she would have a male assistant. And now that he thought of it, perhaps he was because the assistant would get to spend a good portion of the day working side by side with Lori. He appreciated it when she finished the conversation knowing he needed to be getting back to the business at hand. She said, “See me in a bit then.”

“Looking forward to it, until then,” Lucas finished and disconnected. And he most certainly was looking forward to getting back to Lori. It was incredible how someone could become so dear to him so quickly. He smiled walking back down the hall till he was in range of Ros’ eye line then went back to his blank mask. She was still on her call when he resumed his seat and sipped his tea. He wished he had known Ros would still be on her call. Lucas could have chatted a bit longer with Lori. Ah well, he’d be speaking with her soon enough.

As Ros finished her call and before she question Lucas who his call had been from, both their attention were drawn to the lift doors opening. Harry emerged looking directly at his two Senior Case Officers. He made his way over to them. Taking Lori’s advice to heart and cutting right to the chase, he nodded his greeting saying, “Ros, Lucas, what brings you in today. I wasn’t aware there was anything dire happening that would warrant your presence.”   

Ros looked like a naughty child who had been caught doing something she knew she shouldn’t be doing. So in order to cover her and trying to be very diplomatic, Lucas answered, “Ros was kind enough to take the time to be sure I was up to speed on the entire team’s operations next week.”

Harry was impressed by Lucas’ gallantry when he knew it hadn’t been him who’d called for this impromptu meeting. He raised an eyebrow looking over at Ros while waiting for her explanation. He knew quite well all the pertinent information had been covered in the weekly meeting yesterday.

Surprised at Lucas’ gesture of covering for her, she said, “Yes, with Lucas being the other Senior Case Officer I felt it was important we have every aspect covered.”

Harry said, “While I applaud your dedication, everyone needs a small respite from this place. There is nothing that I know of that is so pressing it requires your presence here today. Go, enjoy the rest of the weekend and let’s start fresh Monday morning.”

Lucas and Ros both nodded their agreement at his statement. Both rose to their feet. Lucas started to slip on his jacket but Ros did not.  She said, “Harry, might you have a moment?”

Harry nodded towards his office. He said, “I’ll be right with you. I’d like a word with Lucas.”

Harry escorted Lucas over to the lift as Ros went to Harry’s office. Pressing the call button, Harry said, “Lucas, I’ve been meaning to say what an excellent job you have been doing since your return. You’re input around here is invaluable. I don’t think I could have stepped back in to the fray with such ease. But, I don’t want you to burn yourself out. There is so much more for you in life than just MI-5.”

Lucas was surprised, pleased and then a bit suspicious of what Harry had to say. He said, “Thank you Harry but I am fine. This place (and he made a sweeping gesture around The Grid) is everything to me. It’s very satisfying to know you find my work satisfactory.”

“It’s so much more than satisfactory, it is exemplary Now, go, have a good weekend or what’s left of it,” Harry said as he held out his hand for Lucas to shake.

The two men shook hands as the lift doors opened. Lucas stepped in and pressed the down the button. As the doors closed, they nodded at each other. Then Harry took a deep breath of his own before heading to his office to deal with his Section Leader. This was neither going to be easy or pleasant but his resolve was firmly in place to get the situation dealt with.

Riding down in the elevator, Lucas mulled over what had just happened. Could it be as simple as Harry really did have his faith back in him? Or was there some underlying reason he was trying to lull Lucas in to a sense of security. Too many years spent with Arkardy playing mind games made it difficult for Lucas to take Harry at face value he determined. And there was Ros. What was her real purpose in calling him this morning? He’d have to spend some time dissecting her actions and motives.

The lift doors opened to Reception, and Lucas breathed a sigh of relief. He was looking forward to getting out of there and back to Lori. Looking at his watch, he noted he was forty-five minutes ahead of the time given to Lori for his departure. Pulling out his mobile, he dialed her number. It rang four times before going to voice mail. He knew she was supposed to be resting so perhaps she had been in the facilities and unable to answer his call. He left a message, “Lucas here. It’s 11:15 a.m. I was able to get away earlier than expected so since it’s a bit early to luncheon, I’ll come back to your place if that suits. See you in a bit.”

He closed his mobile and slid it back in to his pocket. Then headed off at brisk pace, anxious to get back and spend some more quality time with Lori.

Ten minutes later, he was letting himself in to Lori’s flat. As he hung his coat on the back of a chair and set the keys on the table, Lucas called out, “Lori, I’m back. Did you get my message?”

Receiving no response, Lucas made his way down the hall to the bedroom. Pausing in the doorway, he couldn’t help but chuckle at the scene before him. It was an arm resting on a top of one of the pillows he had occupied just a few hours with no other part of Lori’s body visible. The big down comforter gave the illusion of the bed being perfectly made with no one in it save the arm. Lori had burrowed under the comforter and had a pillow over her head blocking out the day. 

As he looked on, her mobile vibrated and danced around on the night stand. Lucas thought, “Oh, so that’s why she didn’t get my call. Lori never heard it ring. Perhaps, she has the right idea getting some more sleep. I think I’ll join her.”

He walked over to the opposite side of the bed, set down his mobile on the night stand, kicked off his shoes, slid under the comforter and cuddled up against Lori’s back molding his body perfectly in to hers. He deftly moved her arm off the pillow that had been covering her head and moved it over to his side to slide under his own head. He put one arm under his pillow and the other around her waist. She sighed in her sleep, put her arm under the comforter, took his hand in hers moving it up to  tuck it up under her cheek just as she had last evening and snuggled in closer to him. Thinking how good it felt to have her warm body so close against his, Lucas couldn’t resist lightly kissing the back of her neck before he closed his own eyes to drift off to sleep.

They woke simultaneously some time later. Lori rolled over on to her back keeping close contact with Lucas’ body and still holding Lucas’ hand moved his arm down to her waist. She looked over at Lucas and said with her voice still sounding sleepy, “Hi, when did you get here?”

“Hi, soon after we spoke. Harry showed up right after and essentially sent us on our way to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I did try to ring but apparently you were already asleep,” Lucas said giving her his half smile and hugging her waist. He asked, “Did you rest well?”

“Good for Harry. I did rest well and you?” Lori responded.

“Very well,” Lucas said. He was very contented to be lying by her side having a little pillow talk.

Lori smiled and asked, “What time is it anyway?”

Lucas raised their hands together to look at his watch. His eyes getting very wide, he answered, “Well either my watch is wrong or we have managed to sleep the afternoon away. It’s 4:30 p.m.”

“Are you kidding me? Oh Lucas, I’m sorry. We’ve missed going to the pub to watch your rugby match,” Lori said apologetically.

Lucas gave her a hand a squeeze as he laid his arm back around her waist. He said, “No need to apologize. There will be plenty of others. And as far as the pub, we can go anytime. It is apparent we needed the rest otherwise we wouldn’t have slept so long.

Lori began to absently stroke his arm as she said, “There is that, but it could also have something to do with my bed mate and feeling quite safe in his arms.”

Lucas said returning a compliment without giving much thought to what he was saying, “And my bed mate makes me so at ease I can completely relax and not have my mind dredge up nightmares.”

His words had such a profound affect on Lori, she could barely speak. It came out in a whisper, “Oh Lucas, do I really do that for you?”

“You do,” he answered as he moved one of his legs over hers in a protective gesture enabling him to be right up against her side. He laid his head on her breast before he spoke again. It was very soft and low, “You are a very unique person who has the gift of making anyone in your presence totally at ease and have the feeling of being well cared for. Lori, you are just as, if not more so, lovely on the inside as on the out. And the beauty and tragedy of it is you don’t even know it.” He thought, “That is if you choose to make them comfortable. Of course, I have witnessed that you have the ability to make them just as uncomfortable too with those assessing eyes of yours and that powerful persona which is such a natural part of you.”

Lori had no words at the ready to respond to such a compliment. So instead of speaking, she lightly kissed the top of Lucas head before moving her free hand up to stroke his hair. After a few moments passed, she quietly said, “I’ve never been paid such a high compliment. I’m not sure I’m worthy of it.”

Lucas took his arm out from the under his pillow and raised himself up on it. He wanted to be able to look down right in to Lori’s eyes as he replied, “Lady, you are more than worthy, don’t ever doubt it.”

Looking directly in to his eyes, Lori had no doubts whatsoever that he meant every word he was saying but that didn’t stop her from blushing and feeling just the slightest bit uncomfortable at having been complimented. She wanted to look away but couldn’t. His gaze was so mezmerizing.




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May. 15th, 2009 07:04 pm (UTC)
Hey! I catch this one right away!!! Isn't that incredible!
Lady, what a lovely chapter. This was good for two reason:
-Harry is doing as he was told to and Ros is gonna have a hard speech (whicih is always good and maybe the Ice Queen could start melting away.
-That pillow talk. It was the sweetest thing you have written so far (and you are in hard competition with yourself, believe me!)

For me, it also looks like more than an month of the two of them together. It was like forever. And I like when you revisited a chapter by offering the other point of view.

Now, I'm gonna start my weekend, as I am already at work just because of you.
Have a nice weekend yourself. Hope to read you soon.
May. 15th, 2009 07:05 pm (UTC)
I've just kicked the english grammar once or twice in that one but I was kind of hurry.

May. 16th, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
No need to apologize. I do it myself quite a little bit. I wish they would let us edit our comments.
May. 16th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
Why thank you for your kind comments. I cannot believe I am in competitionw with myself. i must win!!!! So therefore, I will keep striving to be the best! LOL

You have a lovely weekend and I'll write soon.
May. 15th, 2009 08:04 pm (UTC)
Oh to be a flyi on the wall in Harry's office when he chats to Ros! Oh dear ...

Lori and Lucas are so sweet together. What a treat to find this on a Friday :)
May. 16th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
Glad I could provide you with a treat after reading your entry about your daughter. Hope she recovers soon.

I, myself, had one whopper of a blackeye back in fourth grade. It couldn't have come at a more unfortunate time because it was the week before my grandparents 40th Wedding anniversary surprise party.
May. 16th, 2009 09:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you :) She's fine today.
May. 16th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
Excellent, Good to hear.
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