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Overnight Therapy - Chapter Twenty-Seven

Title: Overnight Therapy

Author: LSM71059
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Lucas
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season Seven
Summary: Lucas North has someone to confide in and take care of him when the nightmares and bad flashbacks happen.
Disclaimer: All Spooks Characters are the intellectual property of the BBC.
The Inspiration for this story was taken from the song "South City Midnight Lady" by the Doobie Brothers
(Time Line for chapter: Between Episodes 7.03 & 7.04)

 Chapter Twenty-Seven

As Ros waited for Harry in his office, she thought, “With a few well placed suggestions and ideas, I’m sure I can easily sway Harry round to my way of thinking regarding Lucas. After all, wasn’t he ready to think the worst of him not more than a few weeks ago? When I present my surveillance report to him, I’m sure he will reinstate it immediately. I know Harry and he is nothing if pragmatic.” 

Harry entered his office with a great sense of purpose. Instead of taking his chair behind his desk, he sat in the empty guest chair across from Ros. He looked over at Ros almost feeling regretful with what needed to be done. But he needed to get his Team Leader under control and this was the only way. Leading her in to a false sense of security, keeping his voice neutral he asked, “Care to share why you called Lucas in this morning?”

“Being that he has been back for such a short time, I wanted to make doubly sure he was up to speed on all aspects of the team’s activities,” Ros answered. She looked over at Harry as she spoke and felt empowered to continue by his manner. Continuing she said, “We must be vigilant where he is concerned. There is something underlying with him that we must discover and the sooner the better, Harry.”

Not wanting to prolong her current way of thinking and get her sorted out, Harry asked a leading question to get the process started, “Is that why you chose to openly defy me by continuing his surveillance after I expressly ordered for it to discontinue?”

Ros took a moment to weigh what to say next. She said, “I hadn’t realized there was a timetable in regards to the surveillance ceasing. I saw no harm in continuing it till the end of the month. Besides, had we discontinued it when you asked, we wouldn’t have known about his new acquaintance.”

Mildly curious, Harry said, “Show me your report from this past week.”

Encouraged by his request, Ros handed Harry the report complete with photos and proceeded to give him a verbal summary of the week. Harry had to keep himself from smiling. When Ros reported their little adventure to the park, it was very charming to picture Samantha on the swings enjoying herself and at the same time keeping an eye on his surveillance team. Then the foot race to the tree where the surveillance team was literally held captive till Lucas and Samantha chose to move on was funny and irritating all at the same time, just like her. In every single shot of the photos of Lucas and Lori together you could not see her face. And the fact that Ros was so appalled at this woman’s behavior and mode of dress just added to his amusement. He thought, “I wonder if Samantha’s mode of dress when not being in project liaison mode has something to do with her operation or is it part of her personality?  What would it take enlist Samantha to train my operatives? I am impressed she did not allow her face to be photographed without giving the impression she was doing such. She is surely a consummate operative.” He said, “I see nothing in this report that would be construed as suspicious behavior on Lucas’ part. I wasn’t aware it was illegal to have a Lady friend or take a walk with her. It’s time to put this aside Ros.”

“But Harry,” Ros protested and then it all spilled out what she had been thinking, “We don’t even know who she is. Shouldn’t we be finding out? You told me I would have revenge for Adam’s death. Don’t you find it very convenient how Lucas just handed us Kachimov? I think he is still hiding something.”

Harry said, “Ros, you can’t blame Lucas for Adam’s death. He had nothing to do with it. If Adam could have been ten seconds sooner leaving the car, he would have lived. It was no one’s fault. No one held him up. Lucas helped us get revenge by his actions. He was not a hindrance.”

Harry put his forehead in his hand for a moment before getting to the crux of the matter. He raised his head and looked Ros straight in the eye as he spoke very sternly, “That is more than enough Ros. You need to move on. Lucas has been nothing short of brilliant since his return. You seem to be the only one of the team who has issue with him and that has got to come to an end right here and right now. I cannot have my team leader at odds with another Senior Case Officer and openly defying my directives. And I’ll thank you to remember your actions and attitudes are a direct reflection on me. I did not appreciate the reports I received of your insufferable rudeness to Ms. Smith, the project renovation liaison yesterday. Your continuing bad attitude and arrogance is detrimental. If you feel you cannot follow my orders, modify your behavior and have a working relationship with Lucas, then perhaps we should see in to having you transferred. I’ll give you the rest of the weekend to give me your answer how we are to proceed. We will meet Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. until then you are dismissed.”

Ros was stunned speechless. She knew she had been pushing the boundaries in not immediately following Harry’s directive but never imagined he would be so disturbed by it. As far as that project renovation liaison person went, to her she was a non entity. Perhaps, she had erred in that matter. And had her attitude really been so out of line? This was not how Ros had expected this conversation to go at all. She regrouped and said, “I do not need till Monday, Harry. You have my assurance I do not want a transfer and will adhere to your directives starting immediately.”

Having fully anticipated this response, Harry said, “While I appreciate you giving me your assurance, I do not want you to give a rash answer, Ros. We will reconvene Monday morning as I previously stated.”

Harry rose from the chair he’d been occupying to move around the desk. He stood for a moment looking at Ros wondering how it had all come to this. Where did he fail her? Could he have done something different to circumvent her actions? His mobile rang bringing him out of his reverie. He looked at the caller I.D. before saying, “Harry Pearce……Yes, one moment please.” He turned to Ros dismissing her, “If you’ll excuse me Ros, I have to take this. I will see you Monday.”

Ros nodded, rose from her seat, then walked out of his office leaving Harry to his call. She closed the door behind her before making her way to her own desk to collect her belongings. The rest of the weekend would be spent reassessing her objectives for the team, Section D and MI-5. 


Lori registered her Blackberry vibrating on the end table but ignored it. She figured it was someone other than Lucas because they spoken not more than twenty minutes ago and he had said it would be another hour or so before he rang. She crushed the pillow covering her head down just a bit more with her arm to try and block out all the sounds around her. She hated being such a light sleeper that it made it virtually impossible to get any kind of decent rest. She thought, “Two years off the job and I sure have become soft needing at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep. Whatever happened to me going thirty-six to forty-eight hours without sleep and feeling fresh as a daisy? I must be getting old.”

Ten minutes later, Lori heard the front door lock click and the door open. When Lucas called out to her, she knew she should answer but just couldn’t bring herself to acknowledge him wanting to stay in her warm cocoon just a bit longer.  She felt the change in lighting as Lucas stood in the doorway. She wondered if he would come over to shake her awake. When her mobile vibrated again, it was so tempting just to groan but that would give away that she was actually half awake and then would have to get up sooner than later.

It was a very pleasant surprise when she felt him sit down on the opposite side of the bed and then slip under the comforter to cuddle in behind her. It was hard not to protest when Lucas moved her arm and took her pillow away, so she gave a little sigh. But all negative thoughts left her brain when he put his around her waist and she snuggled in as close to his body as she dared. She reached under the quilt for his hand to move it up under her cheek. It was a little survival tactic she had used with Stephen ever since the first time they had been sleeping and he’d had one of his nightmares accidently given her one heck of a black eye with his flailing hand. It helped to contain the movement of the hand plus give her warning something was amiss even if she was asleep when he’d start to move around.

When Lucas lightly kissed the back of her neck, Lori almost sighed pleasurably but checked herself. As she felt his warm breath even out on her neck, Lori was very contented to let herself fall in to a peaceful sleep. Her last thought before drifting off was she hoped they could nap for at least an hour. She was bone weary and needed the rest.

They woke simultaneously some time later. Lori could feel the change in Lucas breathing as he woke so she rolled over, needing to move after having been in one position for so long. She moved on to her back keeping close contact with Lucas’ body and still holding Lucas’ hand moved his arm down to her waist. She looked over at Lucas and said with her voice still sounding sleepy, “Hi, when did you get here?”

He responded with that endearing half smile of his and a hug of her waist, “Hi, soon after we spoke. Harry showed up right after and essentially sent us on our way to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I did try to ring but apparently you were already asleep,” Then He asked, “Did you rest well?”

“Good for Harry, Lori responded and then added, “I did rest well and you?”

 “Very well,” Lucas said. He seemed to be very contented to be lying by her side. Lori smiled at not just his answer but by his demeanour and asked, “What time is it anyway?”

Lucas raised their hands together to look at his watch. She saw his eyes get quite wide as he answered, “Well either my watch is wrong or we have managed to sleep the afternoon away. It’s 4:30 p.m.”

“Are you kidding me? Oh Lucas, I’m sorry. We’ve missed going to the pub to watch your rugby match,” Lori said apologetically. She felt awful because she had known how much he had been looking forward to going to the pub. She couldn’t believe they had slept the whole afternoon away. And even more amazing than that, she had slept so soundly.

Lucas gave her a hand a squeeze as he laid his arm back around her waist. He said, “No need to apologize. There will be plenty of others. And as far as the pub, we can go anytime. It is apparent we needed the rest otherwise we wouldn’t have slept so long.

Lori began to absently stroke his arm as she said, “There is that, but it could also have something to do with my bed mate and feeling quite safe in his arms.”

Lucas said returning a compliment, “And my bed mate makes me so at ease I can completely relax and not have my mind dredge up nightmares.”

His words had such a profound affect on Lori, she could barely speak. It came out in a whisper, “Oh Lucas, do I really do that for you?”

“You do,” he answered as he moved one of his legs over hers in a protective gesture enabling him to be right up against her side. He laid his head on her breast before he spoke again. It was very soft and low, “You are a very unique person who has the gift of making anyone in your presence totally at ease and have the feeling of being well cared for. Lori, you are just as, if not more, lovely on the inside as on the out. And the beauty and tragedy of it is you don’t even know it.”

She was absolutely stunned by the compliment. She knew she was good at helping people but it was the first time someone she was aiding had actually verbalized to her what it meant to them. Oh sure, they all said thank you but that was usually the extent of it. Lori had no words at the ready to respond to such, so instead of speaking, she lightly kissed the top of Lucas head before moving her free hand up to stroke his hair. After a few moments passed, she quietly said, “I’ve never been paid such a high compliment. I’m not sure I’m worthy of it.”

Lucas took his arm out from the under his pillow and raised himself up on it. He looked down right in to Lori’s eyes as he replied, “Lady, you are more than worthy, don’t ever doubt it.”

Looking directly in to his eyes, Lori had no doubts whatsoever that he meant every word he was saying but that didn’t stop her from blushing and feeling just the slightest bit uncomfortable at having been complimented. She wanted to look away but couldn’t. His gaze was so mesmerizing. If her very life depended on it, she couldn’t have formed a single coherent thought in her head at that very moment.




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May. 19th, 2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
OH! So glad for Ros had been given such a speech! Well done, Harry!!! Though you needed some pressure from a certain lady to make the step.
Now what a clever girl she is! She still amazed me! She knew all the time they had been under surveillaince and managed to not be recognized in the piccies.

And AT LAST!!! SHE IS HUMAN!!! Why do I say that?
** She wanted to look away but couldn’t. His gaze was so mesmerizing. If her very life depended on it, she couldn’t have formed a single coherent thought in her head at that very moment.**

Sorry! Too much Coke in my lunch me thinks!

Great Charter! Thanks so much!
May. 19th, 2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
Harry does have his moments. Oh, I think Harry would have done something on his own to quell little Miss Ice Bitch when she made Section D look bad all on her own. But hey, if he's smart enough heed some sage advice so be it.

One of the main reasons I was always having Lori wear a hoodie was to enable her to be able to hide in plain sight as it were.

Yes, Lori is human after all. And I take it you like the incoherence of her thoughts. Seriously though, if RA was looking at you with those eyes could you concentrate on anything else?

Drink much more Coke!!!! I can always count your comments to brighten my day.

You are more than welcome. It's people like you that keep me inspired to continue this little saga.
May. 19th, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
Go, Harry, Go! Ros needed to be taken down a peg but methinks she's still not going to let Lucas off the hook so easily...

Very comfy cozy scene, their nap & wakeup time. We should all be so lucky as to be incoherent in that fashion!!! Thanks for another great chapter!
May. 19th, 2009 11:45 pm (UTC)
Now whatever would make you say that about Ms. Myers? Perhaps, her not so steller past and her "dog that won't let go of a bone" attitude?

I agree. You are welcome, thanks for the great comments.
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