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Overnight Therapy - Chapter Twenty-Nine

Title: Overnight Therapy

Author: LSM71059
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Lucas
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season Seven
Summary: Lucas North has someone to confide in and take care of him when the nightmares and bad flashbacks happen.
Disclaimer: All Spooks Characters are the intellectual property of the BBC.
The Inspiration for this story was taken from the song "South City Midnight Lady" by the Doobie Brothers
(Time Line for chapter: Between Episodes 7.03 & 7.04)


 Chapter Twenty-Nine
Lori closed her eyes briefly as Lucas kissed her forehead. 

She was about to suggest they get up to get something to eat for a change of venue when he said, “So, I promised you Chinese earlier. And I’m sure it’s time you were eating something. We can’t have you fainting again on my watch. Why don’t I get up, grab a quick shower and a change of clothes over at my place then go fetch the food while you take a nice hot bath before we eat.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Lori said giving Lucas’ arm a pat before releasing the hand she’d been holding and started to roll over on her side to get up. She was pleased they were in sync with each others thoughts.

She felt well rested and in an extremely ornery mood so she picked up a pillow with a grin and tossed it at the back of Lucas’ head as he sat on the edge of the bed slipping on his shoes. She picked up another to launch at him when he picked the original pillow up she had fired at him saying, “Careful now, don’t start what you don’t intend to finish.”

Lori couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she kneeled on the bed, swinging the pillow in her hand at Lucas’ side. It was time for a good old fashioned pillow fight, and she intended to come out the victor. She said, “Oh I fully intend on finishing this.”

He picked up the pillow by his back and wheeled it at her. They swatted each other back and forth laughing as they did. All at once, the end stitching of Lori’s pillow gave way and feathers flew everywhere as she continued to assault Lucas. She wasn’t going to give up till the pillow was completely empty. 

When he took the opportunity to catch Lori off balance and pin her on the bed with her arms above her head and his leg over hers. He grinned at her and said, “Say Uncle.”

“Never,” Lori grinned back breathing quite hard and trying to squirm out from underneath his hold. It was quite fun to pretend she couldn’t get away from him. And with his skill level perhaps it wouldn’t be easy. She did remember how though and if her life really depended on it she probably could but that wasn’t the case so it was all in good fun.

Lucas said, his breathing normal, “You are a scrappy one, aren’t you?”

“Remember, I grew up with boys. I had to be to survive,” Lori sassed as the feathers floated down on top of them.

He reminded her of a friendly dog when he shook his head to try and remove the feathers from his hair. He said, “I can’t remember the last time I was involved in a pillow fight that ended with feathers everywhere. I must admit, it was fun. You do have an inner child just begging to be let out don’t you?”

“You say that like it might be bad thing,” Lori said still grinning, her breathing starting to return to normal. She was enjoying having Lucas embrace her inner child instead of reprimand it and insist she act like a grown up.

“Not at all, I quite enjoy it. You are an enigma, one minute, the hard hitting all business woman, the next an ornery little minx getting in to mischief and then after that a thoughtful, caring, understanding individual,” Lucas said. She made note of the heartfelt tone of his voice.

“Well, did you ever think maybe it’s you that brings out the second two parts?” Lori asked sincerely still trying but not too hard to get out from his under his grip.

‘An interesting notion,” Lucas said. “Now, promise me if I let go, you will behave.”

Lying very still, Lori rolled her eyes before responding. She knew she’d never be able to keep that promise in the mood she was in so she half heartedly said, “Ummm, ok.”

Lucas gave her a suspicious look, “You are up to something,”

“Who me?” Lori asked looking the very picture of innocence but wasn’t having much success keeping the twinkle out of her eyes.

“Yes, you and don’t try looking all innocent. It doesn’t work on me,” Lucas said as he slowly started to remove his leg from the top of hers.

Once his leg had cleared hers, Lori couldn’t resist swiftly rolling Lucas over on to his back. She was on top of him nose to nose but he still had hold of her arms above her head. She said with a bit of triumph in her voice, “Now, who needs to say Uncle.”

Lucas just laughed before rolling both of them over. He said as he looked down at her, “I believe that would be you.”

“Damn,” Lori said under her breath in an admiring tone. “You are good.”

“Why thank you for the compliment,” Lucas said as he proceeded to move off her and let her go. “So, does this mean I qualify to see to your personal protection while you are here?”

“I’d be a fool to say no,” Lori said as an answer actually meaning it. While moving to sit up she began to pick feathers out of Lucas’ hair saying, “You are mess.”

“Have you looked in a mirror lately?” Lucas asked as he sat up himself and started to remove feathers from Lori’s hair.

“Hang on,” Lori said thinking this would be much easier to brush the feathers out of their hair than try to pick them out. She moved off the bed and over to the chest of drawers retrieving her brush. She kneeled back on the bed behind him and began to softly brush Lucas’ hair. It only took twenty strokes to remove the debris from his hair. And she was a bit disappointed she’d finished so soon. Being done with her part, she handed him the brush, moved in between his legs so he’d have easy access,  removed her scrunchie, shook out her hair and said, “Your turn.”

A little charge of electricity ran through her hand as his fingers touched hers while he accepted the brush. As she sat between his legs with her hands lightly resting on his knees, she closed her eyes and embraced the feeling of the brush being run through hair. It had been years since a man had brushed her hair. In fact, it had been in 2001.   Lori said softly under her breath, “Mmmm that feels so nice.”

Even after all the feathers were removed, Lucas continued to gently brush her hair. She was glad he didn’t stop because she was enjoying it so much. It was a pleasant surprise when he’d finished and had moved her hair to one side, put his arms around her waist giving her a squeeze, lightly kissed the back of her neck, then requested, “Please leave your hair down, I like it that way.”

Lori still couldn’t help but sigh that he was done but saw no harm in acquiescing to his wishes. She needed to roll her neck around to loosen it up a bit. She said, “Alright, if you like.”

Lucas’ stomach growled breaking up the intimate moment. Lori figured it had been close to eight hours since they’d had breakfast. Turning around to grin at Lucas, Lori said hoping he would agree with her plan, “Sounds like I’m not the only one who needs to eat. Tell you what, let me makes us a little snack to tide us over before straightening up this mess, getting cleaned up and changing clothes. Then since we are both so well rested, I’ll accompany you to the Chinese place, deal?”

“Deal, but nothing too elaborate, maybe a cup of tea and a biscuit or something like that,” Lucas agreed.

Suddenly the thought of Grandma’s tramp sandwich sounded very appetizing to Lori. She got up, extended a hand to Lucas and asked “Ever had a tramp sandwich?”

He took her hand as he stood saying, “Can’t say that I have, and what pray exactly is a tramp sandwich?”

She kept hold of his hand as she led him down the hall to the kitchen, putting on the kettle for tea and starting make the sandwiches. It was always a source of great joy, comfort and pride to speak of her beloved Grandma. She said, “A tramp sandwich consists of bread, cheese and jam. It got its name because my kind hearted Grandma couldn’t turn away the tramps that used to show up her at door asking to work for some food. This was during the Great Depression back in the 1930’s. She didn’t have much to offer but what little the family did have, she shared. She had an abundance of cheese, jam and bread, so she made the tramps the cheese & jam sandwiches. My mom made them for us when we were little and always told us the story of why they were called tramp sandwiches. Here try one.”

Thinking it would be fun to feed Lucas instead just handing him the sandwich Lori held one up for him to take a bite holding a napkin under it in case the jam squirted out the sides. He obliged taking a bite and chewing. After he swallowed, he said taking the rest of the sandwich and the napkin from her, “This is quite tasty. Your Grandma must have been an extraordinary individual. It would have been a pleasure to meet her. She sounds like she was kind and generous just like you.”

“Yes, she was lovely, a true angel here on earth,” Lori said wistfully and was quite touched by Lucas’ kind words directed towards her Grandma. “I do my best to try to emulate her.”

Lucas smiled at Lori as he continued to munch on his sandwich. When the kettle whistled, Lori put down her sandwich and removed it from the stove to make the tea. Lucas finished his sandwich before pulling down two cups from the cabinet. He said, “Here let me finish the tea, you finish your sandwich.”

Continuing on with her good mood, Lori teased as she relinquished the kettle to him, “I bow to the Englishman’s expertise in this matter.”

It was Lucas’ turn to roll his eyes, he said, “Oh I don’t know, you did quite well the other morning making it. If one didn’t know it, they would make the assumption you were a Brit.”

Lori just grinned at his outrageous statement due to her mouth being full of tramp sandwich. Being complimented on her tea making skills by a true Brit was high praise indeed. She chewed and swallowed before saying, “Yea, that would last until they heard my Midwestern accent. Then I would be found out.”

Lucas said as he put three heaping teaspoons of sugar in to Lori’s tea, “If I remember correctly, you like your tea extra sweet.” He paused for a beat before adding, “Just like you.”

Lori took the cup from Lucas and decided to let him in on another facet of her personality by saying, “Honestly, I prefer my tea not only sweet but iced.” So in that regard yes, I like my tea like me…………cold as ice.”

“Come now, you are anything but cold as ice, Lori,” Lucas said picking up his own cup of tea and leaning against the counter, crossing his legs.

Lori getting serious wanting to make doubly sure Lucas knew she wasn’t kidding around said, “When the occasion calls for it, I really can be ice cold.”

Lucas looked at her a bit quizzical like he wanted to know why she would say such a thing but instead he moved on to the task at hand, “This was a delightful snack. I think I have enough strength now to complete my mission.”

Lori sat down her cup of tea and couldn’t resist feeling his arm muscle as she joked, “Man, I don’t know, feels a little weak to me.”

“Right, I’ll show you weak,” Lucas said quickly scooping Lori up and throwing her over his shoulder before making his way back down to the bedroom and tossing her on to the bed causing the feathers to scatter. She laughed at his antics enjoying him being just as unpredictable and amusing as she was being. He asked, “Where might I locate a vacuum to sweep up all these feathers?”

Since she knew exactly where it was and had a different task in mind for Lucas, Lori sat up, moved off the bed and said, “I’ll get it, since you did such a fabulous job earlier, why don’t you shake out the comforter and remake the bed.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Lucas said giving her a mock salute.

She couldn’t help herself as her years of military training came to the fore front. Lori retorted as she snapped to attention and gave him a sharp salute, “If you are going to salute, you have to do it correctly.”

Then she turned on her heel executing a perfect about face and left Lucas alone to remake the bed. As she came back in with the vacuum, feathers were flying every where from Lucas shaking out the comforter. It looked rather a like a scene she had seen in a British mini series on PBS called “North and South” starring an actor that looked he could have been Lucas’ twin brother. She plugged it in and started to suck up the feathers as she watched Lucas take the remaining three pillows and lay them across the head of the bed before smoothing out the comforter over the top. She paused just long enough to allow him to scoop up the empty pillow sack off the floor and toss in to the bin right before she came round with the vacuum to finish.

He unplugged the cord for her and wrapped it up, then asked, “Where would you like this stowed?”

“There’s a cupboard in the office where it goes,” Lori said as she quickly ran a dust cloth over the tops of the end tables and the wardrobe to finish up. She tossed the dust cloth in the clothes basket before heading out in to see if Lucas had found the cupboard.

She met Lucas in the hall as he returned quoting one of her Grandma’s sayings, “A little teamwork goes a long way to getting a task complete in a timely fashion.”

Lucas responded, “I whole heartedly agree. Now, how long do you need to get cleaned up and changed? You do know I’d be more than happy to go for Chinese and bring it back here, don’t you?”

Feeling even sillier, Lori couldn’t resist putting on her best drama queen imitation flinging an arm over her forehead in mock anguish, “Oh, I get it. You are too ashamed to be seen in public with me.” Then she dramatically held the same arm shaking her hand in a negative gesture while holding her chest with the other hand, “No, no, that’s fine. I’ll just stay here, clean up and set the table in preparation for your return.”

Lucas walked over to retrieve his coat and keys. She could tell he was fighting the urge not to comment on her theatrics. He said with a small smile, “I’ll pick you up in thirty minutes. It will give me enough time to make myself presentable to step out with such a fine lady.”

“Oh really? I thought you were stepping out with me not someone else,” Lori couldn’t help retorting with a smile as she opened the front door for him.

Much to her disappointment, Lucas did not dignify her smart remark with a come back. He crossed the hall to his own door, unlocked it, turned back towards Lori’s door as he opened it and this time before she could do anything blew her a kiss.

She liked he had took the initiative this time and took great delight in catching it like he had earlier in the day and sticking it in her pocket. Remembering a need to replace the pillow she had destroyed, Lori called to him right before he closed door, “Oh Lucas, do you think we would have time to go out and replace the pillow I destroyed before we eat?”

“Of course, now go get cleaned up the clock is ticking,” Lucas answered as she saw him watch her give a little wave before closing door and locking it. She made a beeline for the bathroom. A half hour wasn’t much time to shower, and get dressed before Lucas would be back. And knowing his habit of being punctual, she wouldn’t have a minute to spare.

Lori put her hair up in a clip and turned on the curling iron before jumping in to the shower. She kept the water a bit cool in an effort to try to help her sober up a bit. Sometimes her silliness was a hard thing to shake off. Scrubbing from head to toe with her lilac body scrub created an enticing smell that reminded her of home in Indiana in the spring. The back property line was lined with lilac bushes.

Thanking her years of taking short showers while deployed on an aircraft carrier, Lori was able to be out in less than five minutes. She put on her lilac lotion and deodorant, and curled her hair since she’d be wearing it down tonight. Then it was time to head for the bedroom to make the big decision of what to wear.

Her Blackberry was buzzing as she entered. Lori picked it up and looked at the caller I.D. As she pulled out a matching set of soft pink silk undergarments, she answered, “What’s up Donovan?”

He responded, “Harry Pearce wanted me to let you know as soon as possible that the two topics of discussion you had with him this morning are in the process of being dealt with. One will definitely be done today and the other will have a resolution by Monday morning. Care to share why he’s being so cryptic with his messages?”

Lori dropped her towel and slipped on the French hi-cut knickers first then the push up bra as she held the Blackberry on her shoulder with her cheek listening to Donovan. She responded casually, “Not really, but do be sure to send him my heartfelt thanks in notifying me of his progress with the two matters.”

Donovan rolled his eyes at the other end, “Heartfelt, huh? I asked you to play nice with Harry not lay it on so thick he’d have to wear waders. I don’t know that I care for you two talking about matters I’m not privy to.”

Lori had taken out a pair of low riding jeans to put on and was in the midst of pulling them on as she said half joking. half serious, “You of all people should know that when something is said to me in confidence it goes no further. Don’t be concerned, neither matter involves starting an international incident, well at least not at this point in time.”

Donovan groaned shaking his head, “Well, in that case, so happy I can be of service being your messenger.”

“Hey, glad I could be a source of your happiness, Donovan. You just made my day,” Lori said offhanded. “Now, while I got you on the phone, a couple of things. Number one, could you send some more of whatever kind of Vodka it was in the first shipment. Seems to be Lucas’ drink of choice and he’s really enjoying it. There’s just a little left. Or at least tell me where in the city I could go get some. Number two, if you were taking me out for Chinese which would you rather see me in a silk v-neck sweater or a silk button up blouse with French cuffs?”

Donovan said, “The vodka can easily be replenished. In fact, if you are going to be out for a while, I can have the service drop it by and stow it in one of the cabinets for you. Wear either, you look great in both but if it were my preference I’d say the blouse. Hell must be freezing over if you are asking me for fashion advice.”

“Excellent, we should be leaving here within the hour and I would guess we will be gone a minimum of an hour. We have to stop to buy a pillow before going to eat. Hey, believe it or not, I value your opinion as to what looks good on me. After all, I know you wouldn’t allow me out of the flat wearing anything that was inappropriate. Remember the time you showed up in Nice and I was in my escort outfit ready to leave? I thought you were going to die of a heart attack seeing that sheer silver shirt with nothing underneath and that leather mini that the bottom of my cheeks stuck out of with the thigh high leather boots. I never wished I had a camera in my hand as much I did then to capture the look on your face,” Lori said mischievously.

Donovan immediately chose to ignore her baiting him with the memory of Nice and picked up on the pillow purchase, “Do I want to why you need to purchase a pillow?”

“Well, you see it’s like this one of the pillows had an untimely demise earlier today. They just don’t make them like they used. The stitching gave way so the feathers all came out,” Lori explained as she slipped on a navy blue with soft pink pinstripes silk shirt with French cuffs and inserted her Grandpa’s cufflinks.

Donovan said in disbelief but suspecting it was true, “Tell me you didn’t have a pillow fight with Lucas.”

“Ok, I won’t tell you. But man, it sure was fun and I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. But let’s keep that bit of Intel between us. I don’t think it’s something Harry Pearce needs to know,” Lori reported.

“Are you ever going to grow up?” Donovan asked with a smile in his voice. “Rest assured that Intel will not go any further. Besides, who would believe me anyway that my best operative was involved in a pillow fight with a renowned MI-5 agent?”

“Not planning to in this lifetime and you are probably right on the second matter,” Lori said as slipped on a silver chain around her neck and fingered combed out her hair before inserting her sterling silver headband. She pulled out a pair of navy socks with pink kittens on them, her leather belt and her leather boots.

“You wouldn’t be you if you lost your inner child,” Donovan said kindly.

Lori said in all sincerity, “Hey Mark, don’t ever have any doubt I do appreciate the way you put up and deal with my eccentricities. There are only two others besides you in the world that do, and I consider all of you my true family.”

Donovan was touched beyond words that she addressed him by his first name when expressing her gratitude, as she had only done so one other time that he could remember. He knew how hard it was for her to express any kind of sentiment. And to be called family by Lori was the ultimate compliment to be paid by her. He responded with the only thing he could trust his voice to say without getting choked up, “Anything for you, Kid. I got your six always.”

He smiled in to the phone as the familiar response came across, “And I yours. Well, got to dash, things to do, places to be, people to piss off,” Lori said lightly before her usual hang up.

Donovan laid down his phone, leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes as he ran Lori’s words through his thoughts once again. He was very moved by them. But why had she chosen now to tell him this? Was something amiss? It was so out of character for her. He decided that it was best to take her at face value otherwise he could literally drive himself mad trying to figure her out. She knew full well all she had to do was say the word and he’d be in London within a few hours. He counted himself very honored to be in the company of the other two she considered her true family which he knew had to be Eric Baron and Joe Gianelli.

He was both pleased and relieved that Lori had managed to forge a working relationship with Harry Pearce. If he was honest with himself, knowing how different they were in temperament and manner that was one area where he had been apprehensive she would be successful. He opened his eyes, straightened in his chair and picked up the phone to relay her message to Harry. The only part he would leave out was the word “heartfelt” so Harry wouldn't think Lori was having a go at him. As the phone rang, Donovan made the decision to find a reason to visit London in the next couple of weeks to check on Lori.


Back at the flat, Lori took the time to clear out her call log before stuffing the Blackberry in to the pocket of her trench coat along with her slim wallet. As she did, Lori thought about what she had said to Donovan. She felt like as she approached the half century mark, it was important to let the three men that were nearest and dearest to her know she really did appreciate them. She was full aware what a pain it was to deal with her at times. But what was so great about Donovan, Eric and Joe were they accepted her for her, let her be herself and put up with her many eccentricities.

Her reflections finished, she stood up, slipped on her belt, adjusted her cuffs and collar, put on a bit of lip gloss and did a final check in the mirror to make sure all was in order. All she had to do now was slip on her boots but that would wait till Lucas arrived. She hated to wear shoes any longer than need be. She picked up her trench coat and boots in order to head for the living room.

As if on cue, she heard Lucas use his key to let himself in and call out, “I’m back. You ready?”




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May. 25th, 2009 03:58 pm (UTC)
I love this chapter for any point of view. Even if you wrote it from the solitary pillow left on the bed point of view LOL. The hairbrushing scene reflects much more in this one than the other, or maybe it's just me. Love how Lori dealt with the men in her life and gave them their proper site any moment. It was so nice from her to say that kind of things to Donovan. The man can be a pain in the neck sometimes with all this calling me at all times but it's just because he cares about her.
I so loooooove to have Lori's closet. She got everyting and anything to match with it. And this part

**feathers were flying every where from Lucas shaking out the comforter. It looked rather a like a scene she had seen in a British mini series on PBS called “North and South” starring an actor that looked he could have been Lucas’ twin brother. **

makes me laugh out loud (bad thing if you are reading this at work with a classroom full of drivers-to-be. LOL) i
i didn't expect it at all Tehehe!! And you got me giggling at the **She hated to wear shoes any longer than need be** cause I happen to do the same LOL!

Once more, great chapter and thanks for the loveliness in it:

Have a nice week! And don't forget about us too much!

May. 25th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
I'm happy to know you loved the chapter. I don't think though we will be seeing it from the pillow POV, sorry.......LOL

It's not just you about the hairbrushing, I intended it that way and glad you took it that way too.

I view Donovan as the big brother she was deprived of growing up. And aren't most big brothers pains and inconvenient but you love them any way?

I love her closet too, that's where a big part of the fantasy comes in, being able to have anything you want to wear.

I was surprised you didn't think of it the first time the feathers flew! It was definitely my inspiration. And hey, at least I didn't make you spit a beverage out on your keyboard, LOL.

You are welcome and thanks once again for your detailed comments on it.

You have yourself a good week and I won't forget about you.

Take care,

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